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What is AmeriCorps?

51 is powered by AmeriCorps. We mobilize AmeriCorps members in our 12 regions and national team to recruit and coach volunteers, support students during and outside of tutoring sessions, work on capacity-building projects, and so much more. 

What is AmeriCorps?

  • a group of that recruit members for a variety of service positions dedicated to focus areas such as education, economic opportunity, disaster response, or environmental stewardship managed by the federal agency.

How is AmeriCorps different from a job?

  • AmeriCorps is a transformative service opportunity for passionate individuals to deepen their civic engagement and involvement in improving communities by committing their time
  • AmeriCorps members are not paid a wage or salary, but they are provided a modest living allowance to cover their expenses while serving, in addition to post-service benefits. AmeriCorps members have a fixed term of service, commonly around a year.  Members serve, they do not “work” a “job” and are not “employed” by 51.

Image showing an AmeriCorps member looking over at a students' computer while they participate in a literacy lesson, the text says "Over 80% of alumni said that serving with 51 was described as a defining professional experience."

How is an AmeriCorps member different from a staff member?

  • AmeriCorps members collaborate with staff members to implement programs, but because they are engaged in service, they have a different relationship with their site.
  • Members are also subject to a unique set of rules, responsibilities, and benefits that align with their service experience that differs from full-time staff members, because they are governed by policies set by both the federal agency AmeriCorps and the organization they are serving with. 

How is AmeriCorps service different from a volunteer?

  • In some ways, AmeriCorps service is like a full-time volunteer position, where members dedicate significantly more time to their cause than a typical volunteer and are given that allow them to prioritize their service. 

Hear from our AmeriCorps members

With such a variety of AmeriCorps service roles offered here at 51, it’s helpful to hear from the folks who have been there, done that.

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Connect with our team at americorps@readingpartners.org if you have any questions about AmeriCorps service.

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